What to see in Arezzo

Discover the wonders of Arezzo's historic center, all within walking distance of our B&B.

Antiche Mura welcomes you to Arezzo! The historic center of Arezzo is small and cozy, but you will be able to find a wealth of places of historical interest, museums that hold works of art and ancient archaeological artifacts, and picturesque corners that will fascinate and leave you spee
There are so many attractions and things to see in Arezzo, which is why we at Antiche Mura have created this small guide to the historic center of Arezzo in order to help you build your ideal itinerary and your perfect tour of downtown Arezzo. Arezzo, the beating heart of history and art in eastern Tuscany, reveals itself to be a living canvas that weaves the charm of ancient Etruria with medieval and Renaissance mastery. Its walls, silent witnesses of bygone eras, embrace a historic center where every corner bears witness to a past rich in art and culture. Here the visitor is invited to walk itineraries steeped in beauty, from the imposing Cathedral that towers over the city’s main hill, to the fascinating traces of Piero della Francesca and Vasari, to the lively Piazza Grande, scene of the famous Saracen Joust. Arezzo, with its works of art, impressive architecture and the enchanted atmosphere of its streets, offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of Italian culture. Find out more with our articles!

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