Churches and Sacred Art

Discover Arezzo's Churches, Basilicas and Cathedral, rich in world-famous Sacred Art.

Antiche Mura invites you to explore the wonders enshrined in the marvelous churches of our city: Arezzo holds within its sacred buildings works by such illustrious authors as Piero della Francesca, Cimabue and Giorgio Vasari. A true spectacle for lovers of Art!
La Cattedrale - The Cathedral - Duomo di Arezzo

Arezzo is home to an extraordinary collection of churches, basilicas and cathedrals, each a custodian of priceless works of sacred art. The Basilica of San Francesco is famous for its Renaissance frescoes, including The Stories of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca, masterpieces that masterfully narrate the art of 15th-century Italy. Equally impressive is the Church of Santa Maria della Pieve, known for its Romanesque architecture and the bell tower “of the hundred holes, in addition to housing works such as the Polittico by Pietro Lorenzetti.

The Basilica di San Domenico is distinguished by the Cimabue Crucifix, one of the most significant works of thirteenth-century Italian art, bearing witness to the pictorial innovation of the period. The Cathedral of Saints Donatus and Peter, or Duomo of Arezzo, is another must-see: within it are the windows of the Marcillat cycle and the fresco of the Maddalena by Piero della Francesca, sublime examples of sacred art that dialogue with the building’s Gothic architecture. 

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