The Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucilla: a treasure in Arezzo

Discover the Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucilla in Arezzo, a place rich in history, art and Renaissance charm. From Giorgio Vasari's renovations to magnificent works such as frescoes and paintings by past masters, this Arezzo jewel tells of centuries of devotion and artistic beauty. With Antiche Mura Bed and Breakfast as your home in Arezzo, immerse yourself in a unique experience where culture and hospitality come together to offer you an unforgettable stay in the Tuscan city.

Hello, dear traveler! Looking for a journey through time in the heart of Arezzo? Have you ever heard of the Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucilla? No? Well, grab a coffee and keep reading, for you’re about to uncover a gem shining amidst Arezzo’s treasures. A place of history, art, and… secrets! (Okay, maybe not secrets, but definitely captivating). Ready for a tour? Then, read on!

Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucilla: The Construction

Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucilla is a place that tells stories. In the 9th century, Bishop Giovanni brought the relics of the martyr saints Flora and Lucilla to Arezzo. And so, the story began. Subsequent constructions and renovations led to the Gothic-style church of 1278 and the cloister of 1489.

The Charm of the Renaissance: Renovations and Transformations

Giorgio Vasari gave a new face to the church in 1565. The works continued into the 1600s, and by 1650 the bell tower was built. The building reveals the two main construction phases, with the Gothic part and the late sixteenth-century expansion. So, prepare for a journey through time!

Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucilla: Magnificent Works

The interior is an art treasure, with frescoes, works by Giorgio Vasari, paintings, and more. A beautifull fresco of San Lorenzo by Bartolomeo della Gatta, restored in 2023, is one example. The Painted Cross by the Sienese artist Segna di Bonaventura and the canvas of the Faux dome by Andrea Pozzo are other must-sees.

Tabernacle of the Sacrament: An Architectural Jewel

To the left of the main altar, the Tabernacle of the Sacrament is another masterpiece. Likely by Benedetto da Maiano, dated 1478, it testifies to the mastery of the fifteenth century. In essence, it’s a place that speaks with its beauty.

Your Home in Arezzo: The Bed and Breakfast Antichemura

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The Abbey  is an Arezzo treasure, a place of culture, beauty, and history. Therefore, whether you’re an art lover or just a curious traveler, it’s a must-visit. So, when you visit Arezzo, make a stop at this wonderful place and feel a part of history. And remember, “Antichemura” awaits to make your stay unforgettable. So, see you in Arezzo?

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