The Museum of Medieval and Modern Art

Located in the vibrant heart of Arezzo, the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art proves a must-see destination for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the city's artistic and historical richness. The museum holds works that chronicle centuries of cultural evolution, offering the opportunity to explore Arezzo's past through frescoes, sculptures and precious artifacts. This guide will accompany you to discover a valuable stop on your visit to Arezzo.
museo statale arte medievale e moderna NAtional Museum of Medieval and Modern Art

The Museum of Medieval and Modern Art in Arezzo is a must-see for art and history enthusiasts. The institution is located in the heart of the city, in the very chistoric center of Arezzo, and is a precious pearl of culture and knowledge. Easy to reach on foot, the museum is located at 8 Via San Lorentino inside Palazzo Bruni Ciocchi. The building itself is an integral part ofAretine history: it was financed by Donato Bruni, son of the famous Aretine humanist writer and politician Leonardo Bruni. Palace’s property then passed from the Bruni family to the Ciocchi family of Monte San Savino, until it was purchased in the 17th century by the Counts Barbolani di Montauto, who made numerous changes by renovating the building.

The Palace became the property of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany itself from the nineteenth century , and became a warehouse for those goods subject to State Monopoly by housing the Customs Offices: this is why even after two centuries the building is still called, in Arezzo, “Palazzo della Dogana.”

A VEry Long History

This long and eventful history makes it very easy to walk the long corridors of Palazzo Bruni Ciocchi or to cross its grand halls turning our thoughts to all the people who have walked inside this extraordinary structure before us. Dames, noble knights, important prelates and officials of various titles have lived in these rooms, loved and suffered within these walls. Today we have the opportunity to relive a glimpse of that past, admiring the priceless works and artifacts that the palace proudly houses.

Spending a few hours of your time among the medieval frescoes will help you understand life for what it was centuries ago. You will be able to fantasize about the feats accomplished with the weapons housed in the museum’s display cases and wielded at the time of knights and the birth of the Commons.

The Palace in the 1900s

The palace was chosen as the Museum’s headquarters in the 1950s, reaching its official opening in 1972. It houses  a very important collection of artistic works and historical artifacts, as well as a very interesting workshop dedicated to restoration. The museum’s collections are closely linked to the city and its history. A large part of the works come from the historical collections of the City of Arezzo or the Fraternita dei Laici – or Fraternita di Santa Maria della Misericordia.

Museum of Medieval and Modern Art with the Fraternita dei Laici

Fraternita dei Laici was founded in 1262 with the approval of Bishop Guglielmino degli Umbertini.  This was at the behest of a group of willing people led by the Dominican fathers and for the purpose of helping the poor and infirm. The fraternity has not limited itself to these already noble purposes. It has indeed contributed through patronage to the accomplishment of many important undertakings in the city of Arezzo. In fact, the institution financed various works including the loggia designed by Giorgio Vasari. Arezzo is has therefore preserved a close connection with its past thanks to the foresight of these patrons. All the works created thanks to the Fraternity allow us to be able to recall an era of timeless charm.

Museum’s Structure

State Museum of Medieval and Modern Art welcomes us on the ground floor with a display of reliefs , medieval Renaissance sculptures and stone fragments dating back to the Middle Ages. The adjoining room, on the other hand, is adorned with sculptures from Arezzo’s churches.

Second floor features a rich collection of paintings and objects related to medieval common life, such as coins, weapons or jewelry. The rooms on this floor house frescoes attributed to Spinello Aretino and his son Parri. Noteworthy is one of the largest panel paintings of the 1500s, the “Convocation for the Marriage of Esther and Ahasuerus.” Giorgio Vasari painted this work in 1549, and today the panel is located in one of the museum’s corridors. The exhibition continues in an important collection of Italian majolica . The visit is completed on the top floor with a selection of art objects, weapons, and some coral items dating from the 16th-20th centuries.


The Museo Statale d’Arte Medievale e Moderna di Arezzo is open daily (except Mondays) from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and admission is free. The building is part of a rich and interesting cultural and historical itinerary of Arezzo’s historic center.

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Visit Arezzo!

The Old Town  of Arezzo is waiting for you, with the Museum of Medieval Modern Art ready to tell you the story of the city of Arezzo. The entire center offers numerous picturesque corners and lively squares, ideal for a short break and to savor the true essence of a city with such ancient history as Arezzo. Come and visit us!

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