The Piazza Grande

Piazza Grande, or Piazza Vasari, is the historic square of the city of Arezzo. Protagonist of the Joust of the Saracen, the Antiques Fair , the City of Christmas...the square is the hub of life in the historic center, full of wonders to see and home to the city's excellent restaurants and pastry shops. A stop not to be missed just a stone's throw from Antiche Mura!

The Piazza Grande, for those who have decided to visit our city, is certainly one of the most interesting points . The extraordinary beauty of the city’s most famous square, called Piazza Vasari, stems from styles overlapping each other and placed side by side in very different eras. In Piazza Grande wherever you turn your gaze, you can breathe in the past and admire striking colors and shapes.

Life is beautiful

Piazza Grande has been immortalized forever in a three-time Oscar-winning film . That’s right, it is “Life is Beautiful,” the famous film by Roberto Benigni. The film, a work about the tragedy of the Holocaust that is moving and universally appreciated even with its historical inaccuracies, is partly filmed right in the center of Arezzo . You will retrace the same pavement of Guido and Dora, relive the same carefree moments experienced by the couple before the tremendous Nazi deportation.

Medieval Market

There is also a medieval air in this magnificent square. Indeed, it was here that during the communal age the market was held, which has always been one of the most important occasions for the community of the time. At the market people could meet, exchange news and information, and buy everything they needed for family sustenance. If this irregularly shaped square (it was built on sloping ground) during the communal age was the place for the market, in the Renaissance it became the center of civic life of the city. It is even thought that the place was used since Roman times as the city forum. Piazza Grande has thus been the centerpiece of the city for centuries .

The Style

The brick-colored plane interspersed with white geometric lines is gently sloping and is overlooked by thirteenth-century buildings such as the Pieve di Santa Maria, the seventeenth-century Palazzo del Tribunale and the Palazzo delle Logge, designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1573, which under its portico houses ancient artisan stores and excellent restaurants. It is to this very loggia that we owe the alternative name “Piazza Vasari”: also facing it are the medieval-style palaces with crenellated towers and wooden galleries, the 16th-century fountain, and the Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici, an architectural synthesis of Gothic, Renaissance and late Renaissance. Topped by a bell tower, we recommend that you take a close look at the clock placed under the bells: it not only detects the solar movement, but also the phases of the moon.

Piazza Grande
Piazza Grande

The Piazza Grande: The Joust

This square is the heart of the city, in the very Old TOwn  of Arezzo and especially lives its passions during the Joust of the Saracen. This medieval re-enactment, in which the city’s four quarters (the Porta Crucifera Quarter, the Porta del Foro Quarter, the Porta Sant’Andrea Quarter and the Porta Santo Spirito Quarter) compete in hitting the Buratto, takes place twice a year. You can appreciate the Saracen tradition on two occasions: the penultimate Saturday of June (in the evening), for San Donato, and the first Sunday of September (in the daytime). The Joust is a picturesque spectacle, with its costumed parades and equestrian competition with horse and rider harnessed for battle.

Piazza Grande
Piazza Grande

The Piazza Grande: the Arezzo Antiques Fair

So-called Vasari Square is also home to another unmissable Arezzo event: the Arezzo Antiques Fair, with more than 500 exhibitors, which has been making a fine show of itself every first Sunday of the month and preceding Saturday for more than 50 years. Everything can be found here: medals, coins, stamps, jewelry and real treasures and rarities of great historical value.

Piazza Grande
Piazza Grande

So if you want to visit Arezzo at a time when its main square is teeming with life and color, we recommend these two events. However, do not forget that Piazza Grande, with its bars and clubs in front of wonders of art and architecture, is beautiful all the time: if you prefer a quieter and less chaotic time to enjoy a good coffee or a good typical dish, then visit it at any other time. Arezzo is always ready to welcome you at its best and give you a dreamy tourist experience that you will never be able to forget.

Start your day in Arezzo with a visit to the Piazza Grande!

The B&B Antiche Mura is located very close to Piazza Grande. You only need to go down Corso Italia Street to soon find yourself next to the Giorgio Vasari Loggias. In the Piazza you will find some of the most famous Cafes and Restaurants in downtown Arezzo, and you can enjoy impeccable service to the breathtaking view of the architectural works of the historic Piazza. From this central point you can also conveniently visit the rest of the historic center of Arezzo, with its wonderful architecture–how not to mention the Pieve di Santa Maria–and its very interesting museums–first among them the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art. Here at Bed and Breakfast Antiche Mura our passion for our city leads us to recommend this and other destinations to our guests, which you can discover in the meantime by browsing our website. Don’t forget: we are waiting for you!

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