Events and Culture

Arezzo is a city rich in cultural and artistic events, in which there is no shortage of sports and other historical events.

At Antiche Mura we are keen to inform our guests about the events taking place in the city throughout the year. Unfailing appointments are the Antiquarian Fair and the famous Saracino Tournament…but it doesn’t end there!

giostra del saracino tamburini - saracino joust - the joust of saracino
Arezzo is the scene of events ranging from sports to culture, steeped in a rich historical tradition. TheJoust of the Saracen, the cornerstone of Arezzo’s city celebrations, revives medieval fervor with challenges on horseback between the city’s districts, attracting spectators from all over. The Fiera Antiquaria transforms the center into a lively antiques market on the first weekend of each month-it is Italy’s largest antiques fair. Cultural offerings are enriched with the Mengo Music Fest, a summer festival that welcomes artists from the underground music scene and celebrated Italian voices, celebrating artistic diversity in the heart of Arezzo’s summer. Important events such as the City of Christmas and and the Petrarch Theater Season show the city’s commitment to promoting wellness and providing quality artistic content. These events, along with multiple cultural initiatives such as exhibitions and festivals ranging from music to scientific outreach, reflect the vibrant soul of Arezzo, a meeting point between past and present, tradition and innovation. Find out more with our insights!

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