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We welcome you to Arezzo, a place where history meets today in a kaleidoscope of colors, customs, and knights. Imagine traveling back in time, to the medieval era, when knights fought for glory and honor. This is the experience that awaits you in Arezzo during the Saracino Joust – or simply “at the Saracino” – a historical celebration that unites the city in a feast of pride and tradition. Whether you are a fan of historical re-enactments, costume shows, equestrian competitions, or simply curious, we assure you that you will be enchanted by this unique event. And where to witness this extraordinary event? AnticheMura is the answer! Continue reading to find out why.

A Journey Back in Time with the Joust

Attending the Saracino means not just being a spectator of an event, but experiencing a real time leap. This tournament is a return to the 16th century, a battle against the King of the Indies that fills the streets of Arezzo with the sound of trumpets, the noise of horses, and the clamor of competition. The Saracino Joust is not just a show, it is a real challenge between the city’s neighborhoods, each eager to win the golden lance, the tournament’s most coveted prize. So, get ready to see passion, pride, and competition like you’ve never seen them before.

Neighborhood Competition at Saracino

The Saracino Joust is rooted in the community of Arezzo. Four neighborhoods, or ‘Doors’, compete: Porta Crucifera, Porta del Foro, Porta Sant’Andrea, and Porta Santo Spirito. Each neighborhood has its identity and history, reinforced by distinctive colors, heraldic crests, and rituals they bring to the competition. The intense competitive spirit adds an element of excitement to the Joust, making it a truly unique event. However, the competition is friendly, a way for the community to come together, celebrate its history, and create unforgettable memories.

The Saracino Joust: Heritage of Arezzo

Saracino is not just an event, it is a tradition that passes from generation to generation. The origins of the Joust date back to the Middle Ages, but its current form is from 1931, when it was restored to strengthen Arezzo’s sense of identity and community. Since then, the Joust has become a fundamental part of life in Arezzo, an opportunity to celebrate and share the city’s history and culture. As a testament to the city’s connection with this event, in 2011 the Saracino Joust was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage, further recognition of the importance of this festival for Arezzo and the world.

Witnessing Saracino from AnticheMura

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AnticheMura: Your gateway to Saracino

In addition to offering you an unforgettable experience during the Saracino Joust, AnticheMura is your gateway to everything Arezzo has to offer. Explore our city through its ancient streets, its beautiful monuments, and its exquisite cuisine. With AnticheMura, you are at the heart of it all. So, don’t hesitate! Book your stay and discover why Arezzo and AnticheMura are the perfect combination for an unforgettable vacation.

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