Illustrious Personalities

Arezzo has been the birthplace of many people who have been able to make the whole city proud.

Discover with Antiche Mura which illustrious aretinians have made their contributions to the history of Arezzo, Italy or the World: from Giorgio Vasari to Francesco Petrarca, from Guido d’Arezzo to Vittorio Fossombroni, get ready for a stage full of incredible characters who honor the history of the city.

Francesco Petrarca - Master Francesco Petrarca
Guido d’Arezzo, 11th-century musical innovator, revolutionized musical notation by inventing the notation system that has facilitated the reading of music throughout the world. Francesco Petrarch, one of the fathers of Renaissance humanism, was born in Arezzo in 1304; his work exerted a significant influence on Italian and European literature. Giorgio Vasari, a 16th-century painter, architect and art historian, is known for his biographies of Italian artists in “Le vite de’ più eccellenti pittori, scultori e architettori.” In addition to these giants, Arezzo is the birthplace of Pietro Aretino, an influential Renaissance author and poet known for his sharp social and political criticism. These figures, with their genius and work, helped define Arezzo’s cultural identity, making it a historical and artistic landmark on the Italian and international scene. Find out more about these and other illustrious Arezzoites with in-depth articles presented by theB&B Antiche Mura!

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