The Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucilla: a treasure in Arezzo

Discover the Abbey of Saints Flora and Lucilla in Arezzo, a place rich in history, art and Renaissance charm. From Giorgio Vasari’s renovations to magnificent works such as frescoes and paintings by past masters, this Arezzo jewel tells of centuries of devotion and artistic beauty. With Antiche Mura Bed and Breakfast as your home in Arezzo, immerse yourself in a unique experience where culture and hospitality come together to offer you an unforgettable stay in the Tuscan city.

Leonardo of Arezzo: the writer, the politician, the humanist.

Leonardo Bruni - LEonardo of Arezzo

Leonardo Bruni, also known as Leonardo of Arezzo , emerges as an emblematic figure of Renaissance humanism. Born in Arezzo in 1369, his life and work represent a bridge between classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance. Through his dedication to classical studies and his influence in the fields of historiography, translation, and politics, Bruni contributed significantly to the cultural renewal of his time. His legacy continues to be a source of inspiration, testifying to Arezzo’s rich contribution to European culture.

Where to park in Arezzo? Pietri Parking is the best choice!

Arezzo: dove parcheggiare -parcheggio pietri - Arezzo where to park - Pietri Parking Lot

Pietri Parking, located near Arezzo’s historic center and the Antiche Mura B&B, offers convenience and easy access to major monuments. With free and paid sectors and escalators connecting to the center, it is ideal for tourists and residents, also offering season tickets at reduced rates.

Arezzo in a day: some must-see stops

Arezzo cosa vedere in un giorno - Arezzo what to see in a day

Exploring Arezzo in a day allows you to see the Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum, the House of Petrarch, and other historical sites. The Tuscan city, rich in art and history, also offers delicious local cuisine. By following this guide, visitors can have an unforgettable experience, immersing themselves in the medieval and Renaissance atmosphere of Arezzo, discovering its cultural and gustatory wonders.

The History of Arezzo

Arezzo’s ancient and eventful history dates back to prehistoric times and passes through significant eras such as Etruscan, Roman, medieval, Renaissance, and up to the present day. In Etruscan times, it became a major city, famous for the Chimera Aretina. Under Rome it grew in power, becoming an important military and commercial hub. During the Renaissance, Arezzo was the birthplace of poets and artists, including Francesco Petrarch. In the Middle Ages, it saw the birth of modern musical notation thanks to Guido d’Arezzo.

How to get to Arezzo

Arezzo: dove parcheggiare -parcheggio pietri - Arezzo where to park - Pietri Parking Lot

Getting to Arezzo is easy by any means by following some practical tips. For those traveling by car, we recommend the Via Pietri parking lot, with numerous free spaces and escalators that make access to the historic center easy, even for those with mobility limitations or lots of luggage. Although the area is restricted to traffic, B&B guests can pass through without any problems by communicating the license plate to avoid penalties.

Contemporary comfort surrounded by the charm of history

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