The statue of Ferdinand III of Lorena

ferdinando III lorena

A statue placed just a few meters from our Bed & Breakfast: the statue of Ferdinand III of Lorena.
This statue, often unjustly ignored by tourists passing through our city, is really of great interest! It represents a character linked to a fundamental event in Arezzo’s history: the reclamation of the Val di Chiana. But let’s go in order…

Vittorio Fossombroni


Vittorio Fossombroni, a distinguished figure from Arezzo, emerges in Italian history as a truly multifaceted genius of the 18th and 19th centuries. A mathematician, engineer, economist, politician, and intellectual, his life and work profoundly marked not only his hometown, Arezzo, but also the national and international context. His legacy, enriched by his personal and professional ties to Tuscany, is still celebrated today, underscoring his role as one of Arezzo’s greatest sons.

Comfort Contemporaneo, avvolto nel fascino della storia

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