The “Maddalena” of Master Piero della Francesca

Maria Maddalena - the "Maddalena" - Piero della Francesca

Piero della Francesca’s “Magdalene” is a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance, marking a point of convergence between his research on perspective, the use of light, and human representation. Placed in the Cathedral of San Donato in Arezzo, the work reveals a deep connection with the artistic and spiritual context of the time. Its rediscovery and critical appreciation in recent decades have reaffirmed Piero’s importance in the Renaissance artistic landscape. The fresco, with its refined painting technique and profound expressiveness, is recognized as one of the most intense representations of the Renaissance.

Piero della Francesca: the Aretine origins

San Francesco - St. Frances

Piero della Francesca, born between 1406 and 1416 in Sansepolcro, near Arezzo, was a key figure of the Renaissance, distinguishing himself as both an artist and a mathematician. His artistic training, influenced by meetings and collaborations in Borgo Sansepolcro and Florence, saw him learn from masters such as Domenico Veneziano and Masaccio, refining his mastery of luminous painting and the use of light colors.

The Basilica of St. Francis

San Francesco - St. Frances

This building, characterized by its unfinished facade, hides a treasure trove of priceless works of art inside, including the famous cycle “The Story of the True Cross” by Piero della Francesca. Despite the historical vicissitudes that have left marks over time, the basilica has gone through periods of neglect and rebirth, testifying to Arezzo’s resilience and cultural value.

Comfort Contemporaneo, avvolto nel fascino della storia

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