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giostra del saracino tamburini - saracino joust - the joust of saracino

We welcome you to Arezzo, a place where history meets today in a kaleidoscope of colors, customs, and knights. Imagine traveling back in time, to the medieval era, when knights fought for glory and honor. This is the experience that awaits you in Arezzo during the Saracino Joust – or simply “at the Saracino” – […]

The Saracino Joust: a spectacular tradition

la giostra del saracino - the saracino joust

That of the Joust of the Saracen is perhaps the most celebrated and beloved event for the citizens of Arezzo. It is a medieval historical reenactment that offers not only the spectacle of costumed figures and a very special horse race, but shows us the entire city in celebration. The inhabitants of the districts sing hymns and dress in the colors of the Historic Gates for the entire week leading up to the sporting event. In short, a spectacle that makes the center of Arezzo something special to behold!

The Piazza Grande

Piazza Grande, or Piazza Vasari, is the historic square of the city of Arezzo. Protagonist of the Joust of the Saracen, the Antiques Fair , the City of Christmas…the square is the hub of life in the historic center, full of wonders to see and home to the city’s excellent restaurants and pastry shops. A stop not to be missed just a stone’s throw from Antiche Mura!

The Saracino Joust

la giostra del saracino - the saracino joust

The Saracen Joust is not just an event, it is a tradition passed from generation to generation. The origins of the Joust date back to the Middle Ages, but its current form dates back to 1931, when it was reinstated to strengthen Arezzo’s sense of identity and community. Since then, the Joust has become a fundamental part of Arezzo’s life, an occasion to celebrate and share the city’s history and culture.

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