The Valdarno: a thousand beauties between Arezzo and Florence


Valdarno, a fascinating stretch of Tuscany located between Arezzo and Florence, is a valley rich in history, art and nature. Worth exploring are the Castle of Sammezzano, with its unique Moorish-Eastern style, the Abbey of Vallombrosa surrounded by lush nature, the Bandella Nature Reserve for lovers of biodiversity, and historic villages such as San Giovanni Valdarno and Loro Ciuffenna. This valley offers a journey through time, from prehistory to the Renaissance, demonstrating the cultural and natural richness of the Tuscan territory.

The Four Valleys of Arezzo: discover the territory around Antiche Mura!

arezzo e le 4 valli - the four valleys of Arezzo

The Four Valleys around Arezzo – Casentino, Val di Chiana, Val Tiberina, and Valdarno – offer a rich mosaic of landscapes, history, and art. From the National Park in Casentino, where Dante found inspiration, to Val di Chiana with its medieval and Renaissance wonders, to the artistic treasures of Val Tiberina and the breathtaking views of Valdarno. Each valley tells a unique story, including unspoiled nature, castles, sacred art and some of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Comfort Contemporaneo, avvolto nel fascino della storia

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