Where to park in Arezzo? Pietri Parking is the best choice!

Pietri Parking, located near Arezzo's historic center and the Antiche Mura B&B, offers convenience and easy access to major monuments. With free and paid sectors and escalators connecting to the center, it is ideal for tourists and residents, also offering season tickets at reduced rates.
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Where to park in Arezzo? If you’re looking to park in Arezzo without stress, Pietri Parking is the perfect solution for you! In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about the most convenient parking in the city, located just a short walk from the historic center and the B&B Antiche Mura. Keep reading and find out why Pietri Parking is the best choice for your visit to Arezzo!

Where to park in Arezzo? The ideal location of Pietri Parking

Proximity to the Old Town

Pietri Parking is located in the northern area of Arezzo, just outside the city walls and a short distance from the main monuments, such as the Cathedral, San Domenico, the Fortress, and Piazza Grande.

Easy access to the B&B Antiche Mura

Choosing Pietri Parking also means being able to easily reach the B&B Antiche Mura, located in the heart of Arezzo’s Old Town and just steps from the escalators that connect the parking lot to the city.

The convenience of the escalators

A service designed for tourists and locals

Pietri Parking offers access to a series of escalator ramps that allow you to reach the cathedral and the Old Town of Arezzo without effort. Thanks to the escalators, you can save time and energy during your visit to the city. Pietri Parking is divided into three sectors: one is free but often full, and two are pay-to-park, located next to the escalator access.

Reduced rates for subscriptions

For those who work in Arezzo’s Old Town, subscriptions are available at reduced rates, which can be stipulated at the ticket point in the train station square.

Where to Park in Arezzo? Pietri Parking is the ideal solution for parking in Arezzo!

Where to park in Arezzo? Convenience, proximity, and easy access.

Pietri Parking offers everything you need to park in Arezzo: convenience, proximity to the Old Town, and easy access to the B&B Antiche Mura. By choosing Pietri Parking, you can enjoy your visit to Arezzo without stress, dedicating all your time and energy to discovering the wonders of this fascinating city.

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