The Ivan Bruschi House Museum

A stone's throw from iconic sites such as the Vasari Loggias, the Ivan Bruschi House Museum is certainly an ideal starting point for exploring Arezzo's cultural richness. Ivan Bruschi is also one of the Aretines who left his mark on the city, as the promoter of the first antiques fair, now famous throughout Italy. Find out more with our guidebook!
casa museo ivan bruschi - House Museum of Ivan Bruschi

The Ivan Bruschi House Museum is located in the heart of the historic center of Arezzo, in the 14th-century Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, a short walk from our Antiche Mura Bed and Breakfast. This historic home houses the eclectic private collection of the Arezzo antiquarian, who died in 1996.

The House Museum is close to the Logge del Vasari, in the area that is the site , in addition to the prestigious Antiquarian Fair, of temporary exhibitions and other events – such as the famous Giostra del Saracino.

Ivan Bruschi

Ivan Bruschi, born in Castiglion Fibocchi on September 22, 1920, is a key name in the Arezzo and Italian antiques business.

Raised in a family with a strong passion for antiques, during his university studies he met the art critic Roberto Longhi, enriching his cultural vision. He began his career as an antiquarian with his brother in Florence, but a drastic change brought him to Arezzo in ’56, after the death of his parents, returning to the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, a family mansion severely damaged during the war.

In the 1960s, Bruschi restored the old palace, turning it into a cultural meeting place and home to the Antiques Fair. In ’58, he opened his antiques store in Arezzo, which quickly became a landmark in the industry. But his vision did not stop there: in 1968, inspired by a trip to London and the Portobello market, he founded the Arezzo Antiques Fair, the first in Italy. This move, bold for those times, not only revitalized Arezzo’s historic center, but made the city a mainstay in Italian antiques

However, his greatest legacy is perhaps the Ivan Bruschi Foundation, established through his will, ensuring that his passion and vision would live on. Bruschi passed away on December 8, 1996 in his beloved palace, but his presence is still felt every month during the Antiques Fair, a testament to his lasting impact on the culture of Arezzo and beyond.

Ivan Bruschi Collection

The House Museum’s vast collection began in the early 1960s with the progressive purchases of collections and objects available on the antiques market.

His collection has about ten thousand pieces including furniture, paintings, sculptures, books, glass, ceramics, silverware, jewelry, tools ,work tools and coins. The objects present have the most diverse provenances, and are temporally placed from prehistoric to contemporary times.

The museum consists of sixteen rooms distributed on three floors and starts ideally and chronologically from a prehistoric sculpture: the Venus of Arezzo. Our tour then continues among Egyptian, Etruscan, and Roman artifacts belonging to prehistory or from collections of ancient South American history . As the visitor continues, he finds himself advancing through the centuries admiring the furniture, weapons, textiles, jewelry, books and scientific instruments of the medieval and modern ages.

On the walls of the House Museum it is possible to admire the pictorial mastery of the studios of Tintoretto, Guido Reni, Luca Giordano and other sublime artists.

The House Museum of Ivan Bruschi : the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo

Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo was one of the most important and representative places in Arezzo during the Late Middle Ages. The House Museum unfolds within it with an exhibition itinerary that allows, while admiring the collection, to reconstruct the origin of the nuclei of the collection.

In fact, the visitor walking through the recently restored rooms has the opportunity to observe a series of selected objects that demonstrate the precious value of the collection .

Indeed, in the museum itinerary, emphasis has been given both to pieces of the highest artistic value and to series of handicrafts of the most valuable invoice.

The building also features a beautiful terrace overlooking the Romanesque parish church of Santa Maria. The terrace thus allows visitors to enjoy a spectacle that is definitely out of the ordinary. Visitors can take a short walk outdoors, enjoying the picturesque view while recalling in their memory the many objects housed by the structure.

The House Museum is recommended for all history enthusiasts and the curious who want to admire one of the most beautiful collections in Tuscany.

Beauties of the Old Town of Arezzo

The Old Town  of Arezzo is an unexplored treasure, and the House Museum is only one of the jewels it holds.

Piazza Grande: The Heart of Arezzo

A very short distance from the Ivan Bruschi House Museum the striking Piazza Grande is the emblem of the city. This beautiful scenery is also very close to our B&B Antiche Mura, making the our Bed And Breakfast the perfect choice for those who wish to fully experience the atmosphere of Arezzo.

The Cathedral of San Donato

Rising majestically, the Cathedral dominates the city. Included in the itinerary between the House Museum and Antiche Mura, its visit is practically obligatory.

Petrarch Theater

For culture lovers, the Petrarch Theater offers unforgettable performances. Its proximity to our bed and breakfast makes it easy to enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Our amazing Old TOwn all around Antiche Mura

The center of Arezzo has so much to offer. B&B Antiche Mura presents itself as an ideal place to explore a city as rich in attractions as Arezzo. Close to everything , Antiche Mura offers a unique experience, immersing guests in the beating heart of the city. Start with theHouse Museum and continue with the exploration, you will not regret it!

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